Viktor Pelevin and Kim In Ae interview, Video

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Viktor Pelevin and Kim In Ae interview, Video

13 сентября 1996. Clark Blaise, The University of Iowa. Видеозапись на английском языке, фрагменты с переводом на русский

The tape begins with a sequence introducing an interview with Russian novelist Viktor Pelevin, which is interrupted by a video montage of Asian book covers and autumn scenery, including landscapes from Hickory Hill Park and Oakland Cemetery. The tape then continues with the Pelevin interview. Pelevin discusses the need and impossibility for heroes to exist in contemporary Russian culture. Kim discusses Korean literary culture, particularly in regard to works for children. Interviews are followed by a walk in the woods with International Writing Program writers and a lecture by an unidentified expert on fungus and mushrooms.

Фрагменты этого интервью использованы в передаче «Главный герой» (НТВ).

Источник —,2273.